Meet our team

Carmen Hernandez, Designer  |  Debbie Owen, Operations Manager  |  Jason Bonham,  Founder & Creative Director  |  Delicia Wipa, Designer  |  Flint Bonham, Head of Security

Working with us:

We’re very serious when it comes to great design…but not about life itself. The team at Bonham is approachable, friendly, and caring. We’re also open and transparent in all our business practices. As you’ll discover, working with us is simply damn good fun.

It could also take you to some surprising places. We can arrange for you to meet the artist who created your favourite piece, for instance. Or we can personally introduce you to our network of furniture design studios and galleries – anywhere in the world.

I’ve loved working with the team – prior to finding them, I’d already engaged 2 other designers, who for want of a better explanation gave me variations on the design I’d given them. Jason on the other hand talked to me about how we were going to work in the space, what I needed, what was important – I now have something completely creatively different far beyond anything I was thinking originally.
— Commercial Client, Auckland

Jason Bonham – founder & creative director

With an international career spanning more than 20 years, Jason honed his craft alongside industry leaders in London, San Francisco and New York City. He returned to his hometown of Auckland in 2008, launching Bonham Interior and rapidly growing a discerning local and international clientele.

Jason’s work encompasses a range of interior genres; all underpinned by an unerring eye for quality, detail, and proportion.

Design is a way of life for Jason. He is an avid collector of art and objects; he mentors and judges within the design community, and sits on industry advisory boards. He is a professional member of the NKBA and the Designers Institute of New Zealand (DINZ).


Recent awards include:


IDA International Design Awards | Honorable Mention for Residential Design | 2017

Trends International Design Award | Winner International Kitchen Design of the Year | 2017

Trends International Design Award | Winner New Zealand Designer Kitchen | 2016

NKBA | Auckland Regional Winning Kitchen

NKBA | Auckland Lighting Designer of the Year

NKBA | Winner: Best Use of Small Space Bathroom

Bisazza Award Australasia